I just bought a new Mac Book and have safari installed on it and when I try and launch it it will not open - so I am using Firefox. Maybe the two conflict?? Then I also cannot upload any softare updates - tells me that the server timed out and I check the server and it is fine. Any help out there?

Try to open Safari using Applications Folder inside of Finder.

If that doesn't work, go to Apple, Force quit, and quit safari. Then try to start it again.

If that doesn't work, restart the system.

Worst come to worst, delete Safari from the dock & the applications folder (by dragging to the trash), then empty the trash. Then go and reinstall Safari.

Personally, I believe FF is a better Browser than safari.. kind of like FF vs. IE.


Thanks - I will try this - but you think FF is better? The guy at MAC told me he thought that safari was better - I will just use FF if thats the case. I will try opening it from the app folder - thats the only thing I have not tried. Thanks so much!!

Safari is the equivalant to Internet Exploer, except it is safer than IE! Ha. But yes, Firefox seems to work better with some websites compared to safari.


>but you think FF is better?
There isn't a clear cut line between which browser is better. Firefox is more customizable, and seems to support more sites. Safari on the other hand, has a much smaller memory footprint, is fully compliant to (X)HTML standards, and I've found that it seems to run a bit faster than Firefox in most cases.

Additionally, there are other browsers contending on the Mac platform, some of them worth mentioning include Opera, Flock, and Camino. If you find that Firefox is a bit too bloated for your needs (and Safari still doesn't work), you may want to try one of these.

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