Six Christian sects divide control of the ancient church. They regularly fight over turf and influence, and Israeli police occasionally intervene.

I dunno which I'm more troubled by. Is it the "fight", or the "regularly".

Perhaps by "regular", they mean "tradition". But what can you expect from the "flight the good fight" and "kill the infidel" bozos. Hell, they can't even agree with one another, and they're supposed to be on the same side.

Bloody kids squabbling over who's got the best fairies at the bottom of the garden - nothing more, nothing less.
Too much shit for brains caused by having their heads stuck up each others' arses for too long is what I say. One idiot gets locked up in a padded cell with the nicely fitted long-sleeved jacket. Thousands of idiots get tax breaks - go figure.

I dunno, a hell of a lot of problems could be solved by a small asteroid wiping out a few 1000 square km of the middle east (something of the order of Tunguska should be along real soon now). That would be a nice dose of STFU - hell yeah!.

No doubt some mental knuckle-draggers would claim "god did it" and start some new bozo-myth which would again lead to yet more squabbling over who owned "the great pond" in another couple of millenia.

Wonderful footage!
The Israeli police should have simply allowed them fight and let the winner take all! :)

Did you look at any of the other links on that page?

"Fighting broke out between Bolivia's congressmen over plans to put four judges on trial for corruption. Russell Trott reports."
"A fight broke out in South Korea's parliament over the decision to launch a fraud investigation into presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak. "

Your ideas about how to handle violence seem a little violent; your language is pretty 'low standard' with very little logic to support any of your ideas. Your whole post is rife with condescension and a lack of understanding.