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How cool is that? A financial software programmer has put his coding skills to good use by hacking into a popular video game and adding an Easter Egg with a twist. Hold on a minute, you are probably thinking, surely you are not condoning the illegal hacking into a commercial game? Well in this case, yes I am. What's more, so are the developers of the game itself, Seattle based PopCap.

You see the nerd concerned, one Bernie Peng aged 26 from New Jersey, hacked the Bejeweled game so that when his girlfriend hit a certain score instead of the usual jewels falling onto the screen a pink sapphire ring would appear instead. What's more, this was accompanied by a wedding proposal.

The girlfriend accepted, and got a matching pink sapphire ring in return.

PopCap games meanwhile offered to help pay for the wedding itself according to reports online as it appealed to the geek in them. PopCap spokesman Garth Chouteau says "As a bunch of geeks we have to say, 'Bernie, hats off to you.'"

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I'm sorry to say this is yeasterday news...
Beside that, same thing happend few months back in different game

newsguy 30 The News Guy

Well it was news to me :)

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