i am really glad to join this forum so tat i can be of any assistant to any one and vice versa

thnx for welcoming me jbennet

can you plx suggest ur oppinion regardin the post i did about DNS error...cox i am askin this

today i gav a call to my isp regardin tat matter and they send a person to fix it and it did work but so not for a long time only about 1 hour..i was able to browse the site and all my games worked jus fine they did sum setting which i am not aware off

so i would really appreciate any suggestion!!
thnx in advance

your router probably isnt set up to allow / forward the ports that gamespy needs

i hav tried forwardin ports but no success
may b the way i did was wrong!!!
it would be really gud if you can explain more but after doin port forwardin in Utorrent i found sumthing which i dont knw why it happend

as mod i think you will b able to see the ip which i am logged in 195.1x9.x7.x8

but wen i check my router i hav sum other ip given which starts with172.25.x6.x5

and i use utorrent wihtout any prob even wen it shows me tat no incoming connection

bascially wat i am sayin is wen i do port forwardin as from portforward.com and check wether its forwarded from utorrent it shows tat its not forwarded (this most probably ISP thing for showing my public IP different)

but i get full speed like 400-600kbps on torrents even without doin port forwardin

i think bcox of this even after port forwarding it does not work for gamespy.com OR i might be totally wrong about this

Your internet IP and the ip on your local network will be different because the router does something called NAT

so wat would be the next step?

i am confused because jus bcox of router setting i am not able to browse only gamespy.com while i can browse any other website without any problem!!

this is really odd!! wat there in gamespy.com tat stops me browsing there website..i get the idea of not able to connect there server(many reason) but there website(not a single reason why i cant)