Hey guys,
I’d like to combine, on Windows, two GPRS 56 Kbps internet connections (Tigo Ghana and Ghana Telecom OneTouch, so different providers) into one internet connection to enhance our throughput.
I understand that is called connection teaming or bonding.
I've tried Intergate 8.5, WinGate 6.2, Midpoint Plus without success. I cannot find any good solution.
I’m working in a internet business development project in the north of Ghana and it will be vital for us to enhance the speed of our services combining two or more GPRS 56 Kbps connections.
'Broadband' is not reliable enough (and is even not an option in most rural areas) and Vsat is not sustainable in a such low income market.
Is it such a complicated task to have a proxy server that uses two or more internet connection? Every time the server has a HTTP request (or else) coming from the browser (or else ) it forwards it to one of the connections and wait for the reply from each connection. It should be possible in theory, shouldn't it?
Thank you in advance for your attention and support.

you need a server, or appliance that is capable of network load balancing, whether it's a basic DNS round robin, or something more advanced.
you cannot team GPRS connections, teaming is for server level NICs that support it, and link aggregation also requires a switch that would support that.