Hi guys,
frustratingly the Mac camera iSight is often.mostky not beng seen by my MacMini. So I dont get to see it either! :eek:

When it DOES work, it works fine.. then it doesn't work (at no notice after a 'Sleep' til I get around to spending LOTS of time to get it somehow working with Apple support help. Annoying. :twisted:

Any feedback about this? :idea:??

Denisimo of Oz tralia

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What you are experiencing seems to be quite common with firewire devices. I've had this problem on multiple different computers, a few of them being Macs, and unfortunately the only solution was to keep plugging and unplugging the camera until a connection is made. There should be a better solution, but currently there are none known to me.

Hey Joe,
Where ya goin with my thanks in your hand?
I unplugged that mama,
plugged it right back in
and I was back in picture land!
Oh Yea! (Guitar riff)

It comes from experience -- I've had this problem way too many times already... glad to hear that it worked for you.

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