The best for me would have to include my grandparents who now have unfortunetly passed away :(

I remember one year they brought AN UNREAL AMOUNT OF PRESENTS!! (It was more than i had ever seen in my life)

Also having christmas music on the 80s and earlier..... (I dont like very much of the christmas music today,its all a joke it seems and has no taste)

My favourites are Johnny Mathis (Actually he IS my all time fav christmas singer (All others just seem to suck)) And im talking older christmas stuff from him.... (80s and earlier)

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a gift may be a good idea. you can have a look our website to choose a products, many chrismas gift for you.


for me, gift exchange, go to church with whole family, and of course christmas tree and christmas song, al jereau song, hmmm chestnut roasting on an open fire.. wow.. I can feel it already.. hoho..

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