Dumm te dum dum, deeee.

JACK WEB here ma'am. Just the unfazed facts pleze.

For the past few weeks it's been rather hard to actually log out. Usually I have to repeat the process at least once. Last time on, which I know was a few days ago I did the same thing. Came on just a few min. ago to find myself STILL logged on. Dangerous stuff agoing on.
"Makes me wanna SHOUT, stick your hands out SHOUT".

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>for the record it to me sometimes too.
huh, senor de moderator, como se dice (that) en 'plain' ingles por favor:?: :D :P


Obeledeveloper. The wording is technically correct. "Obvious" omissions are sometimes used as "implied" wording. You used "(that)" in the same sense.

J.B. Watch your footing. Big time drug dealer here!

Obele, Obla, bla bla, baa baa.


Well, here we speak plain English that is very well punctuated. For eg 'pleze' is spelled please, ask JB he'll tell you all about it.
You are lucky to have yourself on the side of the mayority or this last posting would gained you a nice banning

Quieres de alguin queso y galletas para ir con ese gimoteo, senorito?


Obeledeveloper. whut of this "huh, senor de moderator, como se dice (that) en 'plain' ingles por favor"??


Can everyone please speak english!
This is your last warning. I dont care who started what. Just stop it.

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