My name is Ken. I have a 7 year old son and have been married for 5 years. After messing up earlier in life(im only 24 years old) i decided to get my life back on track. I quit school in the 9th grade and pursued a life of heavy drug use and other law breaking favorites. I recently got my GED and next semester I finish my associates degree from Trinity Valley Community College. I have plenty of life experience and have been clean and sober for around 5 years. I have come to this site many of times to get help in prior class assignments. You have always helped alot. Problem is, my school being a community college, they only offered java as an internet course. My teacher is hardpressed to help a student out, so I have struggled my way through the entire semester and am currently sitting at a 68 in the class. I registered as a final attempt to finish this semester with a passing grade(ive already failed the class previously and am attempting it again because i have to have it on my degree plan) In previous attempts I never got past chapter 2, but this semester I pushed through to the final chapter required which is 6. Hopefully i can get some feedback from everyone and make this program im writing work. thanks

Hello Ken and Welcome to Daniweb,

I hope that many of the members here can help you with your studying and assignments, and can assist an any areas that they can.

I hope that i'll see you around and i hope that this site has been very useful for you and that you spread it around to your other friends.

Cheers for now and see you around the forum,

Cohen :)


I wish you the best of luck for your course :)

thanks for the warm welcome