Someone just pointed me to this site for old 80s video games - I mean this is Old School in all caps!

They even offer DigDug - I sold a book I was reading just so I could get a couple more quarters to play (I never did get to finish that book).

OMG! Elavator Action! too and Gauntlet -- QIX! Robotron (I used to play it as Llamatron on my Amiga) Spy Hunter, Tapper, sigh - memories of lost quarters.

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We had MAME installed on our X-Box at home as well as on the computers (they played better on X-Box), and a friend built a really great MAME cabinet. The early 80's produced some great games. Friends would bring over recent X-Box games and I'd ignore them and go straight to Dig Dug and Frogger.


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