I hope I didnt post this in the wrong place!!! Let me start by saying there is no such thing as a dumb qusetion. Just snobs who want you to feel its dumb. We all learn new things everyday. I read allot. I have reloaded xp tons of times teaching myself the ins and outs of xp. So my sis calls and she has a computer with cable connection. Having all kinds of problems and is parinoid about computers!! She has been on the net for a year. First question I ask what firewall you using. Answer.......whats a firewall.......ok what antivirus you use.....nortons........last update sis.........I have to update how do I do that??.....While im banging my head against the wall I offer to go fix it...her reply....no worries I will just reboot and it will be fine.......Cant wait for the next call when windows wont reboot...I am so shocked her computer is still running!!!.......cant wait for the next call :)

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You are correct there's no such thing as a 'dumb question' :cool:

I think when you get to your sisters you need to make her aware of how important it is to protect her system. That includes having

Anti-Spyware tools

and knowing how to use them.

I wouldnt be suprised if she has already attracted some unwelcome friends.

Good luck :)


If I were you I would go to your sisters house and install a firewall and anti-virus regardless what she says, also tell her to back up her files and maybe even install a fresh version of whatever OS she has, just to get rid of all the viruses and such. Then install a firewall, anti-virus, and maybe an ad-aware program(XP service pack 2 comes with a free firewall). My sister had no firewall either so I went and installed XP SP2. Well there ya go, just a suggestion :D


I did call her back and she took some notes. Spyware and virus and firewall. Gave the step by step to do it. Told her NOT to reboot util the firewall and spyware were running. Gave a url for the antivirus. So pray that works. I can not tell this story without my own brain laps. I have been messing with puters for several years. Month ago my sound was not working right. I tried and did everything I could think of. Reinstall of drivers, all kinds of stuff. Was ready to go buy a new sound card when my son called has no clue about computers asked......dad you sure the speakers are pluged in right......sure enough they were only half pluged in.....yeppers im KING of the dorks at times............ :p


There is no such thing as a dumb question... Just a lot of inquistive idiots.

That sounds like something that one of my teachers would do!

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