Hi everyone!

It's a great pleasure for being part of this community. It's been a long time that I've been searching for persons who can help me with my skills and passion for software and website development.

I am a newbie software and website developer. I have a knowledge with visual basic 6.0 and right now I'm also trying to learn VB.net and asp.net. I am also tring to learn JAVA. I also have learned web design using dreamweaver. I really like to improve my skills in software and website development, and I'll be expecting a help from all of you guys.

I am also looking for someone who can help me improve my knowledge and skills with software and website development. Someone who can be my mentor, who can guide me as to what I should do and what specific applications I need to learn.

I am also looking for someone who can help me have some projects for software and website development.

Thanks a lot..

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Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay at Daniweb!

Im studying java and visual basic too if you ever want a hand, just PM me.

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