Im very good in Basic.....

I used to do alot of things in Apple Basic then Commodore64 Basic (I use my COMMIE alot!!)

Then i started doing some HTML scripts,nothing to complex.... I guess i like Basic more than anything :)

HTML is not a programming language.

well... we did java at school and it was rly easy..just did basic stuff tho like hsa console, bit of GUI, sort methods, for loops etc..also connecting to a microsoft DB.. also imo after starting to program in C++, java is so much more fun!!;)

i think you must go for java or C# as these languages are of very high level and are powerful tools and both have alot of help available and will be useful in future too.

i suggest GWBasic for the begginners as its very easy and good language for begginners .You can leran java and C too as it will be useful in future too.

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