Women of Faith- Boundless love

Two Dead Boys by David Gibb

2Pac- am a straight rider

I am listening to a mix of music from a variety of artists. Right now, Couch Potato from Weird Al Yankovic is on tap.

The show goes on- Lupe Fiasco

Village Green Preservation Society - by Kate Rusby

Saggitarius 9PM 'Don't be Late!' by May'n

Raining.. Birds... And a song that keeps playing in my mind: I follow rivers.

Baz-luhrmann: Everybody's free to wear sunscreen

right round from hangover I...my all time favorite ...

A begging I will go - David Gibb

Augustana - Boston

Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk

Keep repeating the songs from Korea Idol Group - 2PM :)

How to love- Lil wayne

Boulevard of Broken Dream - Green Day

I'm currently listing to all of my computers humming with their enormous cpu.

Listening to local news

I'm listening to my harry potter mix