I don't know about you, but I am looking to meet some other Dani Web Account Holders and put together some Calendar Dates that are based around Snow, Sun, and Surf. Bar-B-Ques, Luau's, and other Group Activity's.

I got alot of idea's and interest's that are all group related. This is looking to be the make of a great World Wide Web Research and Development Domain. Adding alot of sites and pages to this could make a great place for anyone looking or trying to add this career to their resume' and portfolio.

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I also am going to be looking into various Online Internet Casino's. With the possibility of scrounging up some business and hopefully turning out a few domain's at some point. Would anyone like to try and head up to Lake Tahoe, Reno, or Catch a Flight down Las Vegas and get some ideas?? There should still be some snow up in them thar hills. Might even be able to find some people's with some cabins and throw a DaniWeb, MySpace, Google, Gamer, Party with an "Adult Entertainment" Theme.

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