You are cordially invited to the #daniweb channel on server, port 6667. We need some new blood to keep the conversations fresh, and what's more fun than chatting with your favorite techies in real-time?

Great idea, but I haven't the slightest idea how to do it.

For those not knowing how to use IRC, here is a quick recipe on how to join the daniweb channel.

You will need:
Mozilla Firefox web browser

1. Install that chatzilla add-on from here: (search for the button that says "add to firefox" and press it. A dialog should appear, on which you should press the "Install" button). When prompted, restart the browser.

2. Start the chatzilla application: From your Mozilla Firefox Tools menu, choose Chatzilla.

3. When the chatzilla window appears, type the following command into the text box and press enter:


4. Once chatzilla successfully connects to the daniweb irc server (when the progress bar stops moving), you need to join the daniweb channel, using this command:

/join #daniweb

5. If you would like to change you nickname, use this command:

/nick YourNickName

EDIT: steps 3-5 can be applied to any irc client; I just used chatzilla for this recipe because it's a quick add-on to Mozilla Firefox, which a lot of people already have.

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Or you can just click on my signature link, hit the big "Connect" button and you're good to go :P

In there, what's so great? Impossible to break any of those lurking records... :(

>In there, what's so great?
We do have discussions every once in a while, but with only 7-8 people there on average, it becomes kind of difficult to keep a steady conversation flowing. If more people from some different timezones joined, I'm sure that channel would become a far more interesting hangout. :)

>but with only 7-8 people there on average
The same 7-8 people. The whole point of this thread is to increase the awareness of the chat channel and make it better.

What's wrong with those 7-8 people? Do they have strange warts behind their ears?

i havent used IRC in 10 years.

i wish it was on freenode :) dont have to connect again and again .

IRC is the "Mos Eisley" of the internet ;)

>How come the Java IRC client at is no longer with us?
The Java client was replaced with a Flash equivalent about a year ago. The flash client (along with all the other IRC integration with this site) was removed during one of the site's 'upgrades'. Don't let that stop you though; IRC is still alive and kicking if you have enough patience to idle around for a few minutes.

Web clients are fun to get started with, but trust me, the real IRC experience is felt by using a standalone client (preferably with green text on a black background in Courier font :P).

I got kicked.. :( Plus the bot is crappy(because I say so).

IRC is the "Mos Eisley" of the internet

nah, that would be Craigslist.

you dont get arrested or killed on IRC.

I do get to see a couple of new faces in the Daniweb IRC channel these days, so I guess the efforts are kinda paying off. :-)

> I got kicked.. Plus the bot is crappy(because I say so).

Swearing / use of cuss words is not allowed in the channel in case you didn't know. ;-)

Swearing / use of cuss words is not allowed in the channel in case you didn't know. ;-)

eh, we did an experiment and it appears that only s--t and f--k are bootworthy. anything else seems to be fair game.

Swearing / use of cuss words is not allowed in the channel in case you didn't know. ;-)

I think it was more from threatening to kill it and its little bot buddies and family, with my big bot friends.

No. I have not been drinking.

Or it was yes, and it's just getting late.

To help get a bit of more publicity on things like the IRC or code tags and other things, it would be nice to have a little tutorial or something that a new user had to go through before they properly joined the community.

That way we could get the word out about this and also get it so people actually understand code tags before they go out into the forums.

:) just thinking