" a bid to boost their customer services"
More like reduce them.
Anyone with a forced smile basically starts to look like a psycho - yeah, that'll bring the customers in.

Or a punter with some bad news story being met with the company-standard gormless grin as opposed to some genuine empathy will also feel like taking business elsewhere.

Or a customer with a complaint will get well and truly pissed off if the staff member keeps up the inane grin all through the proceedings.

For those with a below-par grin messages will pop up on the computer screen [such as] "lift up your mouth corners",

umm... yeah.

You know what? Japan is kind of weird.

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There's a time to smile, and a time to frown. I try to smile all the time while at work as a WalMart cashier and often wear a happy-face sticker on each shirt lapel. I haven't been punched in the face yet for smiling :)

Smiling is over-rated. Especially if you are staring at a computer screen, what are you trying to do? Re-assure it? I got into programming so that I wouldn't have to deal with people and by extension of that be nice to them for no reason

Let's see if the Omron Smile Scan system works on holders of State of California short term debts and bonds. California has started pay off with I.O.U.'s rather than actual money.

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What happens if you flip it the bird, do you get suspended?

I hate when people try to act happy. I get cautious and twitchy around them, and when I get cautious and twitchy: things can get very ugly.

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