Good evening! I have a question regarding a quirky setup I am trying to come up with for an event I am hosting this weekend.

Basically, I am looking to run streaming video from the internet onto my laptop, and then display this video onto 2 seperate "monitors" simultaneously (VGA output to VGA inputs, however one 'monitor' is a projector, and the other is a flat-panel tv, so other options may be available too?) Female VGA output from the laptop, to female VGA inputs on both monitors.

I am wondering if I had a VGA-Splitter, would this be a feasible option? Or would I lose video quality on one or both of the monitors? Also, do you think Radioshack would sell a VGA-Splitter?

I also have an S-Video output on my laptop, but have never used it before, so not sure what that would involve to get it onto two screens. It's not the greatest, or fastest laptop, however, it definitely can handle the streaming HD video on one monitor so far.

Well, thanks ahead of time!

Jeff S.

The S video is probably a good idea. Its pretty easy to set up, i use mine to watch DVDs on my TV.

Also, do you think Radioshack would sell a VGA-Splitter?

Probably. We have a similar store called Maplin here and it sells that sort of stuff.

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