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solid black, who needs more?
It's obscured by application windows anyway...

Are you kidding? With all the slides you have? Share some of that buzz with the rest of us! LOL
P.S. You're right, though...:cheesy:


This is mine, taken a couple of mornings ago. Blurred out name, web provider and some old country songs no one wants to see anyways :p



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Plain Windows XP desktop. WAAAAAAAAAH....please don't hate me. I'm trying to be a non micro$haft guy.

Update: I've migrated to Linux...for the time being atleast



I have several desktops. When I am doing serious color work with a scanner and Photoshop, I do an all-grey background. When I am logged in as root or administrator, it is a bright yellow. Annoying-- yes, but then again I want to remind myself that I am in as God, and to be honest, it is not often at all! If I have to access my servers over modem or vnc, it is also grey.

My primary linux one is the one with the planet, and my primary Mac one is the Enterprise. The Windows desktop has the one with the dolphin.


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mines the boring xp background but i was in a simplistic mood when i changed it, and now i cant be bothered to change it back :(

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mine is nice and simple. and i never liked the idea of icons on the desktop

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