hey..m a student of bsc.(h). comp.sc. n hav just completed my 1st yr..........bt i hav an aspiration to b linked 2 space sc. in sum way......
is there ne connection b/w these 2 fields of science?....:-/ ...
even if there isn't ne then still can u plez help me establish one?

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cummon....even a small information can be very useful!

Your script kiddie speak may impress your friends, or it may just be a sign of laziness.
Either way, it doesn't matter.

Because clear and effective communication is everything!

Computers are in everything, and hence software is in everything.
You might consider such things as
- communications
- robotics
- remote telemetry
- designing fault tolerant, redundant, and self-repairing systems.

Thank you for the information. Now m a little bit sure about what to do next. But still i'll like to receive more replies to this thread so that others with similar interest can gain help!

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