I'm Kurt Kubing, male, proudly married with a cute & beautiful 7 month old daughter. I've writing programs for a while but I think I still can't afford to call myself a professional programmer. I write apps mostly for my own use and sometimes to collect some money from some progs I write for others' use. I started to write programs as a hobby and it's still one of my hobby favorite hobby today. To be honest, I joined this community to avail help for any problem I may encounter when writing my codes but with the promise to be ready to share my own knowledge so I can help others' programming problems, too. I actually have read posts asking for help that I think I have a perfect solution or at least I may be able to solve part or, for the very least, give some hint. But I frequently feel aloof to do so since I'm often not so sure if I'm giving a solution.

I have download a sample browser program and I rewrote the code so that I can create a static library that will enable the user to embed in their codes not just the web browser control by any other activex control. Sooner or later, I will post the my source code and the libray itself here. That's a promise.

If someone wants to ask more about me, feel free to do so (at least in this community).

T.hank u very much for sharing with us .

Welcome to DaniWeb. You sound like the kind of person who really belongs here and makes this forum such a secial place.
Don't be afraid to offer advice when it's only partial--you never know when the little yo have said may lead to the solution of a big problem.
Carry on.