So I just want to confirm how to figure out when your motherboard is dead. My Gateway GT5235H Media Center Desktop Computer was functioning fine for a few weeks until suddenly one day when I tried to power it on after about a week of it not being used, the display would not show. So I did the following….

- I tried swapping my RAM to different slots. No change. So I tried a different stick of RAM… nothing.
- I removed the RAM entirely and waited for a POST beep…. There was no POST beep.
- I did a Processor test by removing the CPU heatsink fan and powering up the system so I could feel the processor heating. Within 2 seconds I felt signs that the CPU was heating up so I turned off the computer to avoid damaging the CPU.
- I’m positive the power supply is good or else the fans would not turn, my CD and DVD Drive would not open, my hard drive would not boot, and no Power LEDs would light up.
- Lastly I tried resetting the BIOS. I removed the power cord while performing the reset and tried disconnecting the CD ROM Drive and Hard Disk. After powering on their was still no change. .

Throughout this entire testing period I still did not hear a beep. So the only thing I can conclude as that this looks like the sign of a motherboard failure. My question to you far more experienced people would be if I am right? And how economical is it to purchase a replacement mobo over buying just a new computer.

simple way to check your motherboard is dead or not jut try this..on your computer and check your keyboard numlock key is glowing or not if it is glowing your motherboard is you told missing RAM beep was not coming, so defiantly your Motherboard is faulty..

by the method you've done..most probably your mobo is dead...

you're asking if it's economical to buy a mobo.. for me if your RAM, Processor, HDD, PSU and casing is still up.. it's better to buy just a mobo, if you can still find a mobo which is compatible to you RAM and processor...

Is it possible that if my PC dose not have internal speakers I wont hear a POST?

And if it dosent have internal speakers what can I hook up to it to ensure I can hear a POST beep.

most if not all motherboard have a speaker on board ,its a little black cap looking thing about the size of the tip of your little finger with a small hole in the top of it !