Hope someone can resolve an annoying glitch:

I have the frustrating problem of trying to login to hotmail. I have had two accounts for years and have previously had no prob logging in as usual to both accounts and even having both open at the same time on the computer. Recently I have found I cannot open both (ie have one minimized) while looking at another and then being able to toggle between both accounts.

What seems to happen now is upon booting up the computer I may sign in to an account through the usual www.hotmail.com login screen, but then when I logout, nothing happens (it seems) as when I close out of hotmail and try go back into the hotmail login screen at www.hotmail.com, it does not go there, but redirects me back directly into the hotmail account I was previously in when I want to get to my other hotmail account. I don't have the option of logging into another account even if I disconnect and reconnect to the Internet and clear surfing history.

This is very frustrating. What do do? Perhaps something has been inadvertently turned on, but I don't know what or how to clear it. Any ideas folks? As a possible red herring in the matter at hand, I recently updated to Explorer 8 and not sure if this is a factor or not. Thanks, Jan

Wrong forum, buddy