This is going to be a high-risk blog entry, I know. But I'm in the UK, it's 1 April at eight minutes past ten in the morning and so far we've had no reports of mass outbreaks of the Conficker virus. The BBC was suggesting it was all overblown in a report yesterday.

This is actually quite brilliant, if it doesn't turn into a 'UK got off lightly' story (which it still could, or it could break out midday or something). Someone has not written a virus, not propogated it and then managed to disrupt and hijack a load of innocent computer users and news sites anyway. It's caused concern, insecurity and consternation whether or not it actually exists.

It's a nuisance and a pain, no doubt about that. And the Polyanna in me says it's a good thing too - a reminder that all of us including Mac users need to keep security up to date, but a warning that's not actually done any damage.

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