It is important for all businesses to keep in touch with prospective buyers and sellers. So is it for real estate professionals. Whether your client is a first time buyer or has bought/sold before, tidings of the market would always interest him. They would always like to know the interest rates to calculate how much their real estate property might worth. And for such information they will always resort to you as they're going to, or already have used you for a transaction.
Here are some ideas for a communications plan to your clients.
Prepare a Calendar

Try gathering information about the client's birthday or anniversary. You can also prepare a calendar of the dates when they bought their home. It's a nice gesture on your part to send an email or card to them on those dates.
Send Holiday Cards

You can send a holiday card to your client every year. It will make him feel closer to you.
Inform about Selling and Buying Rates

Notify your client about the houses that have been sold in the area. This will help your client in estimating the worth of their house.
Tell them About Your Transactions

Every client wants to be associated with an agent who has an excellent track record to its credit. If you're doing well, your clients will think about you when it's time for their next transaction. Therefore, notify them about the square deals.
Make your Newsletter Interesting

It is difficult to come up with innovative content for your newsletter every time. But you should keep a few things in mind- the content should be informative, relevant, and well written. Try to keep a balance between content and graphics, as too much content will make it monotonous.

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