Hey everybody, just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I am k0ns3rv which could be translated to tinned food, yea i know wacky name :P
Anyways i am currently studing at the lvl of school which could be compared to High School i supose.
I have knowledge mostly in c++ and i am learning diretcx atm.

Anyway when i am not coding i am probebly skateboarding or skiing, or something like that, cuz extreme sports are the only fun ones xD


How that I wish we could become friends!
BTW, welcome!!


would you plz tell me abt diretcx atm?
i have never heard anything like this before.
yet i know about atm as i use atm facility.
still i expect from u that if you have knowledge about it then let me know about it.

have a nice day!

My knowledge in directx is rather limited, as i said i am currently learning, mostly by reading the book "Intorduction to 3d programming with directx" by Frank D. Luna.
It think you got confused from my post i wrote directx atm which translates to directx at the moment xD

Good you have spotted a nice and beautiful forum. You are very welcomed in this community!
It's great to have you as a member!See you around, dear!