Hello. I am Chase Bonvie, but I browse as Chase Network. I am currently studying C++ with a side-dish of JavaScript to maintain my AFJROTC corps' website.

I like coffee, as long as it's black. I also like all sorts of tea.

I dislike, no, hate everyone who drinks my coffee.

My hobbies include drinking coffee, listening to coffee cooking, making tea, smelling tea, smelling coffee, studying computer programming topics, and design/building my own software.

My dreams include joining the 24th Air Force as a Computer Systems Programmer. After retiring honorably form there, I will go on to either the NSA or maybe a game development company. During all of that, I intend to design and build software to sell as a side job. Maybe create a game by myself.

My current sources of study are as follows:
JavaScript: The Missing Manual (David Sawyer McFarland)
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Second Edition (Michael Dawson)
C++ All-in-One for Dummies (John Paul Mueller & Jeff Cogswell)

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Thanks! My intro is modeled after Hatake Kakashi's intro from the Naruto Anime.

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