Greetings...first time poster here.

I am having a problem with my computer and was hoping to ghet some feedback.

I recently got a virus on my computer and was quick to act. I ran a virus removal program, found the problem and removed it. I also ran Ad-ware and removed 3 problems.

Upon my next startup, my computer has been in an infinite loop. Sometimes it makes it as far as the login for Windows (after XP loads on the black screen) but then the computer jumps to a restart. It seems that it just keeps starting over as if somethig is off in the registry or boot.

Can anyone give me some recommendations as to how to go about fixing this?

Also, does anyone know of the various F key functions to use during startup?

Thanks in advance.

- Matt

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After The Tick Count (The memory test at the begining... or after it says "press del (or whatever) to enter setup) in the very begining, start pumping F8. This will eventually drop you to a startup menu. Choose the option that says "start with last good configuration (the last settings that worked)" and hopefully that will load up correctly. If not, you could try the same process, but select "safe mode".

I was able to get in via safe mode.

I ran adware as well as an antivirus check. No help though. I rebotted and the loop still existed.

And unfortunately system restore is turned off (and can't be turned on in safe mode) so I can't even go back to a previous time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Yikes! Sounds like the best thing you can do is to boot to the XP CD, and try a recovery console (or a complete reinstall)

Or you could go to safe mode ... right click my computer -- > properties --> advances --> startup and recovery settings and then uncheck "automatically restart" .... then restart in normal mode ... most probably you'll encounter a blue screen of death ... note down the error code and show us the error if present.

Hello All - I am new here and came here from Google because I am having the sam problem described in this post. I also has a virus - I noticed it when I went to open Task Manager and noticed it only opened for 2-3 seconds then closed. I ran anti-virus programs and deleted some viruses but the Task manager problem still exists. I downloaded a utility to start Task manager so that is solved but now, when I Restart the PC, it goes into this "loop" as descibed. (I am able to boot as described in this post - but still with the "normal" restart and Task manager problems.

I am trying to avoid having to re-install XP. Is there anything I can check? or should I just give up?

Thank you for any help.

Oddly, I had an older computer, a Gateway running XP that when I put a new drive in went to the BSOD initially and then began to loop.

Due to its age, I took the drive, wireless card, and (2) bits of ram and put in a HP also running XP. I then ordered a new video card. For two weeks everything was fine. For a day after installing the video card, everything was fine. Yesterday, the BSOD.

So I rebooted.

Next, I began checking hardware, removing ram and replacing. Disconnecting Cards.

Now, it loops. I can get to the Windows Advanced Options Menu (via F8), but it will not let me scroll. The next screen gives the option of regular start up or recovery. Again, it won't scroll.

There is a flash of a blue screen during the look.

It appears the only viable option is to start up from the CD.

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