Greetings to all. Am 78 yrs old and stumbled onto this site looking for info on where to find the CMOS battery in my old Winbook Si2 laptop as the battery failed today and the computer can't find the operating system. This seems to be an amiable group with lots of activity. I have become familiar with some repairs for certain makes and models of laptops so may sometimes be of assistance in solving a problem. I am hoping there may be someone who can help in solving my immediate CMOS battery replacement problem.

Its a simple repair for a desktop, but the laptop is trickier. The CMOS battery is a silver button cell, medium size , maybe like you would find in a watch.

The thing to remember is, get the right one, and do not stick it in the wrong way. Make sure to write down what way it is installed before removing it. Show it to the salesman as it should have a number and voltage on the back (different manufacturers sometimes use different numbers though) to identify it.

Once a battery has been procured, the actual swap is simple. what is tricky is disembling the laptop. I am not familiar with your machine, but generally you unscrew a cover on the bottom, or remove the keyboard.

look here for your manual:

i havent looked at it but it may be helpful

the battery should be the same as the one that you would find in a watch and like jbennet said,it will have a number on it like 2023 or 2010, this will be the actual size or volts of the battery. the problem with the old laptops or notebooks is that they are not easy to open as most of them tend to have a complete bottom shell as to the newer laptops have sections that open with the various components! so yes the biggest problem would be to open up the laptop to actually get to the battery but to actually find it in a shop should not be to difficult

Thank you for your suggestions. I finally completely disassembled the laptop and found the double battery encased in a green plastic sleeve with leads and connector. It is marked 2.4v, 15 mah. I have ordered a replacement which will hopefully solve all problems; certainly the clock problem. They certainly hid the battery well!