I'm new to Daniweb so firstly greetings to all : )

I've just started learning how to use DFD, but have yet to rap my head around them. I have a example which I'm tying to figure out. I'm trying to do a level 0 of the following:

Keep track of which driver and which vehicle were used on a particular run.
Produce an invoice at the end of the month to be sent to the council.

At the start of each day the manager will allocate a vehicle and driver for each route. Sometimes the bus and driver will be used for the morning and afternoon runs but on other occasions different vehicles or drivers may be used.

The only process I can see for sure is producing an invoice for the council. I'd really appreciate any help.

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Level 0 is what amount of detail?
(What is the data?)
Where does the data start? (Who asks or tells?)
What stage(s) does the data go through on the way to the final sink/end?
What is the end result? (Who receives or stores?)

Dataflow diagram simply show that how your data flow on project so when you make it remember all the process that From where data is coming and where it goes and how it processed.

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