It is very close to that time of the year again where many (fortunate) people start planning where to go for the holidays. Do you have any plans made, going somewhere? Share your plans with us.

If you do travel, plan ahead and please be carefull. We ALL would like to hear from you again. Me - I am having a very quiet and pleasant christmas and new year with my family at MY house. No travelling, no stress, no break downs.

Enjoy yours!!!!

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I am going to stay at home where it is nice and quiet. If I travel, might go to Canada but that will be in January.


We are having some of our hill-country friends down for T-day. And beginning to noodle for an Xmas dinner party invite.


Im going sailing on my boat, i used to live on it for a number of years sailing up and down Queensland and NSW. So we are going back out on that these holidays... and i have a massive programming job to be done, so not all holiday for me :P


I have asked everybody driving somewhere to please drive safely. What about the sailors??????

Paul, I envy you. Have a fantastic and save time on the water.

My pool sounds like the best bet sofar, damn!

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