Hi Daniweb

I'm not really new, I've been lurking on the site for a while now, and I've suddenly felt the urge to start contributing. Of course I need to actually have something worth while to contribute....

Anyway, I'm java and C++ programmer (depending on what I'm working on) and I hope I'll have as much good advice to give as I've received from browsing this forum.

I'm currently busy building a "Choose Your Own Adventure" construction app that build CYOA quests that can be played through the web. Essentially what it would do is allow you to create a CYOA game and submit it to the website where anybody can play it for free. It sounds simple enough but I'm trying to add some cool tools for better quest interaction.

My non-tech hobbies include camping, hiking etc. (ya' know, all that out doorsy kind of stuff).

Oh, and I've always wanted to say this to other people:

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