I'm looking for some type of online training that will prepare me to work with Vbulletin & other forum software, and websites in general.
I have a CS degree, [although that was back in '84], worked as a "network technician & admin" for several years on a very large Novell token-ring network and was a CNE at one time, plus, have been into computer hardware and software for quite a while [Win, Linux, Unix].
Specifically, I'd like to work from home and do things such as custom skins, perform 'add-ons' to forums and sites, and be able to trouble-shoot problems with forums [databases, php, css, etc....].
I think I pretty much understand the skill set, and knowledge I'll need, but finding any specific training such as this is difficult [as Google and every other search engine just pop up the paid ads to a mind-numbing degree!].
I have no doubt I can pull the training off, it's just finding it in a convenient package, if that's possible.
Any advice and/or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thank you !

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Usually college courses are your best bet, or pursuing coptia and microsoft certifications. If you've been out of the game for long the certifications will help in a tight job market and they'll give some specific direction in your training (they also have good training programs available). If you want to work more independently I'd look at the study guides for the certifications relevant to your job prospects and then research online tutorials for the tasks.

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