Hello People,

I am done with Graduation in IT and planning to pursue Masters and specialize in either IT for Security or IT for E-Commerce. While both fields are competitive, I would like to know which has greater scope, career and future rich technology.

While my Under Graduation has always been related with Generic IT, I have been having much passion towards Web Technologies. I have been doing part time work as a freelancer in Web Design, Development and other Web related.

Now when it comes to choice, I was pretty confused and thought to shoot them up here and seek your professional guidance. I am providing modules that these both courses have to offer students, kindly put your views & suggestions forward.

I am much concerned about my future career, the challenges involved in it and an exciting career as well! So kindly advice me accordingly!

IT Security

* Network Standards and Protocols
* Network Security
* Cryptography
* Security Management
* Computer Forensics
* Research and Development Skills

IT E-Commerce

* Object Oriented Programming
* Internet Technologies
* Management E-Commerce
* Organization of Innovation
* Managing Innovation
* Human-Computer Interaction

I have explained the modules that are present in each topic and would like to get your feedback as well. More over, I am looking for a Post Graduation in more IT + Management related stream, do advice me accordingly.

If you have any other feedback, I would be glad to read them as well.


There's really nothing to ecommerce. Launching a site or two can make you very knowledgeable about it without ever taking a class. Ge the degree in security as that will continue to be a booming area for the foreseeable future and learn ecommerce on your own.

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