can u explain briefly what is computer?

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A programmable machine. The programmable part is the key. Thats what seperates a computer from most other basic machines.

The option to run programs is what makes computers different from regular calculators. Also the fact that they follow the stored program concept which says that the instructions to be executed and the data it is to be performed on are held in the same memory.

Ultimately they all perform very basic operations, just lots of them, allowing them to do complex things. Ultimately all a CPU knows is Jump to location in memory, check if something is equal, and add two things.

i have to do a manual operation it for a company. so, what must i explain about this programmable machine?

I cant understand what you mean.

Hey jebbenet You have given Very Good Explanation
about The Computer thanks For Sharing this With us
But I Really Don't understand What sitie_aniem exactly wan't to Know about The Computers??

just now, i have doing practical for a company. i was under IT department. so i have to do a IT manual operation for this company, for the worker that do not know anything about IT. so, i want to know what is Computer, to put it in the manual . because it is a manual, so i have to tell just in a single phrase but complete.

Oh right, an operations manual. Well, there isnt really a simple definition? A computer is a complex machine which performs operartions which is is programmed to do on some input, and returns some output.

thank you for the explanation.. it is very helpful... thank you again..

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