During the six-week test, which started Monday, users can download a program for watching and interacting with the Norwegian youth music program "Svisj" on their mobile phones.
Users can vote for the next music video by pressing a mobile phone key, and chat in writing with each other or the program leaders while watching the show.

I can't stand it anymore, so: <flame on>

What six-week test? Norwegian TV? What exactly are you going on about? You seem to have taken this forum over. All of your posts are a direct copy & paste from someone else's pages, many of which make no sense since they are out of context. Since you offer no personal insight or commentary about what you're quoting, this amounts to plagiarism. You'll notice that the vast majority of your posts generate no discussion whatsoever. So, what exactly is your purpose with these posts? What you're doing, in my opinion, is essentially spamming the site.

If you simply wish to post "interesting" news items, you should do it in your own blog. Daniweb allows users to create their own blogs. I encourage you to do so, if you haven't already.

Please stop polluting the forum with meaningless posts. I would also ask that when you do post, actually SAY SOMETHING, and refrain from coloring the entire post - the color and formatting options are there basically to make code listings and technical terms stand out, not to make graffiti out of each post.

<flame off>

P.S. I would have preferred to do this privately, but you have turned off all contact options.

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