Hi, all

I'm searching for an idea regarding AI term project. I've researched a lot about AI areas, but not able to decide/come up with reasonable project that can be implemented within 2 months (approx. 5-10 hours a week) and easy to test&document, but at the same time be non-trivial (to implement).

Do you guys have any ideas, previous projects, future project that meet this criteria?

Note, I'm not interested in ready solutions/implementation, but just an ideas or project specification.

Thanks a lot.

I assume you are talking about classical AI. I took a classical AI course a long time ago which was mostly about logical and statistical reasoning. We had a project in that course where we in groups of four made a minesweeper playing bot, which is a good example of what kind of problems classic "AI" is used to solve.

But in general i would suggest some kind of game to which you make a bot, whether its minesweeper, chess, poker or something else.

There are many AI specific small applications you can work on. One example is a game program tic-tac-toe where you are playing against the computer. The computer decides its next move based on what your move is.

To make it a little interesting, you can take it a step further and make this game into a 5X5 instead of a 3X3. Also other enhancements can be made to make the game be like a tic-tac-toe + tetris etc. Contact me at denverprojects AT gmail dot com and I can provide you more information in this sort of thing.