hello all!

well, I've been googling too much lately to find a topic for my presentation.

basically I am looking for somewhat new networking technologies/hardware and stuff that made a breakthrough in the telecommunication/networking fields but I guess I have not find anything interesting or more like "first year student" suitable kinda thing.

I was wondering if some of you know anything about such that I can do more about it in looking for pros and cons etc

anything you say/suggest is really appreciated


research Alexander Graham Bell. He made the biggest breakthrough at all :)

The ipad - thats an apple breakthrough. Can only do one task at a time and has little memory *cough* dos *cough*. Microsoft and Unix/linux has done better than that since the early 1990's with multitasking apps. That might be good for your presentation. Anyways a breakthrough technology - I would say Robotics. It is said robotics will have a 20 million dollar market by the year 2020 according to Microsoft. Also currently universities and private companies have had some breakthroughs such as visual interfaces and making it walk. So I would say robotics is the real breakthrough in technology.

My wife said "Ipad?? does it come with wings? Is it only useful 5 days a month?"

My wife said "Ipad?? does it come with wings? Is it only useful 5 days a month?"

Good one. I would say the only wings it comes with are bug wings that is if bugs have wings. My preference is reading a good old book instead of an ipad.

breakthrough in the telecommunication/networking fields

The change from manual to automatic switching in telecomms, and then the change from circuit switching to packet switching. Then you could lead into the future of telecoms with talk of fibre to the home etc....?

I just realized a technology that has changed our lives. Google and yet people don't use it for code. lol

Google for "Bing"

commented: And bing for google. And google for bing for google... you get the idea. :) +0