First of all, Hello. I think you have a very nice forum going here. I just found it yesterday, and already it has been a big help to me.

Now, I whine. NOOOO!!! I just about had my linux box serving up files to me left and right, and now the whole thing is DEAD! bleaugh!

Now the question, format or not to format?

I'm not sure what the answer should be, but formatting is a delicious treat for any occasion!

Well again, Hello to all of you, and have a delightful evening. :cheesy:

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Hmm ... my answer is to always format. :-D But taht's just me! Incidently what is wrong with the system?

I don't know. I'm pretty new to Linux, it just stopped loading. It would get partially through the boot up and then just not. Bunches of 0's everywhere. The information really goes by to quickly to read anything. I don't THINK I did anything to it. I don't remember deleting anything or messing with any other settings besides Samba.

It doesn't matter anymore, I did what I always like to do too, formatted. :-P Even though that doesn't help identify the source of the problem... Oh well, if it does it again I'll sock it right in the jaw! Or just reformat woohoo! Hope it's not my Maxtor drive...

I'm the same way. In the Windows world, reformatting is the answer to everything.

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