Hi, could someone pls help me, i'm trying to setup a linux server. One of the requirments is that is must have a IMAP (Mail) Server.

Could someone pls give me a run down on how to install a mail server on linux and what i need? or does someone have any good website explaining how to setup it up?

Thanks in advanced.

My solutions to my problem was to back you to Red Hat 7.3 and let the system install it for me :D

I use Courier IMAP, but it only works if you?re using maildirs, qmail?s mail directory format (although I think it?s an option for postfix as well), for local delivery.

I?ve also heard that Cyrus IMAP is a good IMAP server, although I can?t say myself.

I would, however, recommend not using the UW imap server that comes stock in RedHat (and perhaps other distros). It sucks.