Hi, could someone pls help me, i'm trying to setup a linux server. One of the requirments is that is must have a IMAP (Mail) Server.

Could someone pls give me a run down on how to install a mail server on linux and what i need? or does someone have any good website explaining how to setup it up?

Thanks in advanced.

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My solutions to my problem was to back you to Red Hat 7.3 and let the system install it for me :D

I use Courier IMAP, but it only works if you?re using maildirs, qmail?s mail directory format (although I think it?s an option for postfix as well), for local delivery.

I?ve also heard that Cyrus IMAP is a good IMAP server, although I can?t say myself.

I would, however, recommend not using the UW imap server that comes stock in RedHat (and perhaps other distros). It sucks.

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