Hi everyone,

Nice to be here. I just discovered this forum ... seems to be just what I was looking for. Sometimes I have this (seemingly) simple question to ask, but none of my computer savvy friends are at home, or else it's just too late to call anyone. What's a fella to do?? :-| :cry: ... Cryin' won't help, so that's why I'm joining this community -- so I can get help when I desperately need it and not end up stressed out because some highly-paid software designer left out an obvious Q & A on the FAQ page. I'm also here of course to offer any help I can offer. So go ahead, ask me something already ... yeah! you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours! Get the idea? :cheesy: Lookin' forward to meetin' you'se all! ... Hey, this is starting to look like the beginning of a great association!

Cheers, / Yonas :)

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Hi yonas n welcome to daniweb -- you always have to be patient to get a solution ... think .. ask .. think again .. ask again .. continue till you solve the prob. I hope you'll be a lot help to our forums. See ya soon.

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