I know you guys are going to probably think this is a stupid question but I am a teenager on a very limited budget. Are there any "swap" sites out there that computer "geeks" like myself can swap computer equipment? There is a site called freemarketri.org which is where I live and you can swap stuff but no one seems to have computer equipment they are willing to swap. Sorry if this is in the wrong board. Also are there any computer clubs or swap meetings in Rhode Island? thanks

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ummm...that sounds a little dangerous...hey lets swap my nice P4 with someones crappy P2?? why and who would do that?

viperman you are a geek haha how old are you? Dude if your 16 get a job my brother.

lol yea I know. I'm 14 and 1/2. But my original thought was that there other sites out there like www.freemarketri.org but they do everything from appliances to furniture. I didn't know if there was one that did just specifically computers. thanks

Sorry bud I am a dead resource.

I had a friend who swapped his 32MB video card for my 16MB one... not really sure why... the video card works fine and I'm using it now... maybe sometimes we get lucky and we have to make sure we make the most of it... :)

i swap computer parts all the time ,like a motherboard for ram or case ,usually never a 32 meg card for a 16 meg ,but i will swap pc133 ram for pc 100 ,and stuff like that ,edo for dimm You get the idea,depends on what i need or they need .

Heck, you could check out Hardware Trading at:


If you post something that you've got or that you want to get, someone might pop up with something you're interested in.

maybe I can swap my brother for a new box? LOL :)

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