All right. I have tried sharing a folder over the network to about 38 computers using a windows XP Pro computer. What I found out was that there is a "user limt" to about 10 over the network. Now I have gotten around that by logging of the user and logging back on which drives me #$%&#$% out of me. I was thinking if I Map a network drive that will help but have not done so. I was hopping that some one out there will have a idea or a answer on my file sharing question on changing the user limt or if mapping a network drive work?


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You can change the maximum number of users by --> going to tools --> folder options --> view --> and unchecking use simple file sharing .... now you can right click the folder you wanted to share .... click the sharing tab and set the user limit to maximum allowed.

yes but max. is 10 user! From what I recall.

EDIT: I will try it when I get to work... Now Off to sleep and dream about the fish :)

hehe ... yes the maximum number of users allowed is 10. Cant find out how to increase it on a workgroup ... wait for the experts to respond.



There might be a registry edit somewhere to change the number from 10, but if you think deeply and responsibly about what you are doing, you should come to the quick solution that your design is flawed.

There is a reason XP Pro (and Mac OS 9 too!) have a max user limit of 10 --> These operating systems are designed for desktop use, and the file sharing thing is an add-on. With 39+ people wanting to share, you should also be thinking about backups, and performance issues... stuff that the XP Pro is not designed to handle. You might also want to consider more than one network card if the share is busy.

You are trying to use a Ford Pinto to tow a large motor boat.

You have two options: Linux Server (with Samba), and Microsoft's server products. Not knowing what your network design is, I cannot recommend one over the other (linux is free, backups will work with it, but will take some skill / Microsoft is expensive, but you can setup a domain and push policies and antivirus manage) If you would like to explore these topics and concerns, please post a new topic in the group.

But in all honesty, even if you want to try and take the cheap "let's hack XP to get it to work" I think you will have short term gains for a huge long-term loss.


Hey kc0arf ! can you point out the registry hive which changes the maximum users from 10 to our choice.

I think I found out a way to buypass the userlimt with out the registry...

When nanosani told me to change unchecking simple file sharing. I notice that when right click on the folder and chossing Sharing I found a button called New Share! Now I left the office and when I got home I said let me take a look. Well from what I have seen it makes a copy of the same folder just a different name. So I have about 40 computers. All I need to do is to click the New Share button 4 times and it should work, right? But then I thought well if the max. user limt is 10 then would only 10 computers open the folder EVEN still I made tho 4 folders for 40 computers? To sum it up is the userlimt on the folder(s) of for the WHOLE computer alltogether?

Nice idea helloadam !! I would have thought about it as I keep on doing it on my network. But I also want to know the registry tweek.

I'm not entirely sure that we should be discussing this here. Windows XP Pro is designed to only accept 10 incoming connections. Christian is right-- it's like trying to tow a large boat with a Ford Pinto. There's not a registry tweak, as it is something that Microsoft coded into the operating system as a hard-set limit, to keep people from using XP Pro as a server. That would obviously cut profits from their Server 2003 sales.

Simple fact of the matter is, Christian's advice was dead-on. Either pick up a real server operating system, like Server 2000/2003 that can support more concurrent users, or go with Linux and a Samba configuration, where you set how many users can connect at once. The limit we're discussing is for the system as a whole-- 10 users total, not for each share. So, 5 file shares does not mean 50 users could attach-- it means you could have 2 users on each share, or 6 users on one share, and 1 on each of the others.

Thanks Alex ! Now I've understood it clearly.

o well off to Fdisk and install Windows Server 2003 :(

Hi helloadam ! Today I came to know that increasing the number of users limit was against the windows xp licence. So for now you have taken the right step in the right direction. Wish you best of luck.

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