As many have done, I learned alot through various means from a knowledgable person, job training, books and free tutorials. It is only now, at 48, that I begin my actual real education by attending college. I am currently in my 1st semester for a 2-year IT Web Analyst Programmer.

It's interesting to see the changes in just HTML and CSS, and I am learning better ways to script pages. However, after using a CMS like Joomla, I find the need for that knowledge less appealing to me and look to move onto other areas such as VB.Net and Java to allow me to accomplish some things.

Personally, otherwise, I am also a spraypaint artist, photographer, videographer and bicyclist all in a hobby capacity. I've never been married, have no kids but am all for animal welfare and have a few domesticated felines. I have a personal site to gab to the masses through LOL and am working on a children browser application as a pet project to do.

I would never ask anyone to do my 'homework', but I do have a thirst to know how something is done. Wrapping my brain around something new or seemingly foreign or complex can be difficult and I am a visual learner. Classmates struggle and few 'get it' so alternate sources of knowledge and assistance is very welcomed. I'm just glad I know some of it already!


hi tom. nice intro. welcome :)