Browser Update: Chrome Outshines Some of the Competition

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Do you use Google's Chrome Browser? Apparently, a lot of people do. So many, in fact, that it has now passed Safari in the web browser popularity poll. Is this a big surprise to anyone? The article states that Chrome now has just under ten percent of the market share to Safari's four percent.

It isn't a surprise to those who use Chrome. Like other Google products, it's well made, stable, works on Linux, supports dozens of languages and is very fast. What's not to like?

The better question is who cares about browsers and the so called browser wars? What possible difference could it make to anyone which browser someone uses?

A lot of people seem to care, though.

Unless someone can figure out a way to monetize a particular browser, there doesn't seem to be any point to knowing which one someone uses. Having multiple popular browsers only complicates matter for web developers but doesn't really do much else.

Which browser do you use and why? Do you think it matters which browser someone uses?

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I think that much of the debate with regards general use is minor. I'd say the real battleground is not browsers - but search. Through IE, Microsoft is trying to promote Bing and of course, Chrome promotes Google.

Admittedly Firefox and Safari generally stay out of it, although Firefox does default to Google. Can't say I know what Safari defaults to.

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Firefox is far ahead of chrome. that is a fact. chrome get some few tricks and integrate in google's search. But browser support such as
1.css rendering,

Firefox is robust.
Safari and google stays the same as they use the same engine. that is webkit.
Opera got her own style and funny font rendering mechanism.
IE... ooo IE, Very confused man. They do not conform with www3 standards. They mess up the platform. every web designers woes.

I will update later with facts and figures if it pleases anyone.

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