hello all

i hv a jsp code in which there is a link to another file successLogs.jsp as follows

<td align=center><a href="successLogs.jsp?strHour=<%=strDate+strHour%>&strcli=<%=strcli%>"><u><%=totSuccCount%></u></td>

in successLogs.jsp there is call to a linux script which is fetching a file from the logs.
The problem is that when i click on the link in internet explorer the call to successLogs.jsp is not happening but when i use right click and open in new tab then file is fetched successfully.i want to know reason and it's solution.
In mozilla firefox both left and right click are working perfectly.

PLZ help .it's urgent.

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I don't know if that is the problem or you simply forgot to post it, but you haven't closed the <a> tag. You didn't put the </a>

<td align=center>
  <a href="successLogs.jsp?strHour=<%=strDate+strHour%>&strcli=<%=strcli%>">

And you don't need the <u> tags in order to have it underlined.

Also I am not sure that this will solve your problem, but you try this correction and see

no dear that's not the issue.i hv checked it

I don't know then. Sorry

I don't know then. Sorry

Thanks for your help

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