Aza Raskin, head of user experience at Mozilla’s Lab unit, revealed their new project, Tab Candy, today. He believes that it will shift the way we use, and think about browser tabs in future versions of Firefox.

The goal of Tab Candy is to manage all of your tabs within one browser, rather than running multiple instances of Firefox to handle tab-group management. The basis for the system lies within the workspace of Tab Candy. Users can place tabs within groups that are represented as windows within Firefox. Groups can be opened at once, or the user can choose to open a page within a group, on its own.

Users can also create profiles that determine the organization and relevance of groups. Subgroups are also supported, for another dimension of organization, beyond the tired, standard, tab format. It will be useful on traditional desktops, but its usefulness will shine when used on a device like a netbook, with limited resolution and monitor real-estate.

Raskin has released an alpha version of Firefox that has a limited version of Tab Candy installed. You can only organize tabs into groups at the moment, which is what the feature is built upon, but in future versions you can enable group sharing with friends, group privacy settings, and group hibernation to reclaim precious RAM. Check out the video below and experience Tab Candy for yourself with the alpha release, if you dare!

[Source: Gizmodo ]



This tab feature of Firefox is really awesome and i like it very much.This way, it looks clean and has functionality.
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