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Nice name.
Everyone knew (or could have known) that Longhorn would not be the name of the product.
It's a project name only, and probably still is.

Well, I for one, am hopeful that Microsoft has improved their OS experience, even with the addition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 soon to be released.

and what would you call an "improvement"?

Not the way Linux calls itself "better" I hope, having to constantly juggle with shared library version conflicts, manual editing of configuration files to get even the most basic things to work, etc. etc.

Windows has a pretty good user experience as it is, I'd rather hope they are very cautious about making more than minor changes to it.

You are right. Windows does have a good operating experience. But, and this is the keyword, BUT, Internet Explorer could use some minor overhauls (which I'm betting they have done.). If they do well enough, then that could lead to less usage of Firefox, but then again, who knows what will happen with that! I'll keep firefox on my machine, but I'm hoping I won't have a need for it ;)

IE works and supports the W3 standards. I've tried FF and found it clunky in places and found the CSS and Javascript support lacking (tested it with a moderately complex piece of CSS positioning code, verified as CSS2 compliant by the W3 validator and working perfectly in IE and it simply failed to do anything with it, poor performance for a browser that claims to support the standards better than IE or anything else out there).

The main thing people use as a "reason" to "hate" IE is that it supports custom extensions to for example CSS, which is another mistake by those people.
IE supports things that were proposals to the standards bodies at the time IE was released. Not all those proposals made it (yet?), and Microsoft leaves them in to provide backwards compatibility.
All browser makers do the same (just look at the very bad things you can do with Netscape...).


Anyone who feels that Windows offers a great user experience should check out our Virus & Nasties forum, and see all the hell that is floating around in there. Such user experiences are why I do not have any Windows computers running on my home network, and why I do my development on a completely separate subnet -- so that it will not try to infect the rest of my network.

As for me, I will remain a happy Linux / Mac user for some time. Yes, I realize there are no perfect Operating Systems, but do know that these systems are much easier to maintain, and I spend most of my time on them doing useful work, instead of repairs.


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