If hydrogen atoms can evolve to become highly complex atom and then become amino acid and start life in earth ,
What are the main reasons that energy particles like photon could not evolve at all in so many billions year ?

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What do you mean evolve? The combination of hydrogen with other heavier elements via chemical bond, to create, say water, amonia, methane etc can't be described as evolution surely. Perhaps I'm wrong. The formation of simple amino acids like glycine and alanine, is reasonably straightforward. I don't see the comparison with photons though. They have no rest mass or charge. Are you asking why light-speed photons can't form complex structures or entities? Are you trying to compare photons with say, electrons? Apples and bananas.

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Just another useless post from a very prolific link spammer who's fully supported by this site's administrators because he drives traffic.

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Not so. The member in question had previously been warned, infracted and indeed banned for posting spam messages. While the links in his signature are not in breach of DaniWeb rules, a number of his posts in the last few days/weeks were and as a result this user has now been banned from DaniWeb.