I read a bunch of the old intro posts and liked the format of some of the older ones -- much humor and insight to be seen there! Here's my humble attempt:

Legal name: I could tell you but I'd have to at least hurt you
They call me: Lorilei (lor-ih-lye), Lori, Auntie
Height: 5'6"
Weight: okay. I'm a patient soul. Mind if I knit awhile?
Hair: born ginger, currently DARK brown
Eyes: weird olive-y brown
Location: Earth
Age: (sigh) old enough to know better but still young enough to party all night (providing it's not a work night)

Hobbies: (besides the obvious anything-to-do-with-computers) hiking, singing, designing & sewing period/genre clothing, knitting, reading, spending time with family and friends, clubbing

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: eclectic! Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grateful Dead, Bauhaus, Talking Heads, Norah Jones, U2, The Waterboys, Elvis Costello (especially his version of "She" from the movie "Notting Hill" turns me to jelly), Foo Fighters (for starters)

Education: English Literature, Journalism, bio sciences, film and communications. Computers - some programming classes from high school/college, mostly learned the hard way (self-taught)

Work: On Sabbatical, trying to decide between getting more formal computing education or sticking with current path

Favorite Food: grilled chicken or salmon, CHOCOLATE, lentil walnut salad, homemade mac & cheese

Favorite Movies: InkHeart, The Mummy, High Road to China, Matrix, The Incredibles, , Day For Night, Star Wars Ep 4-5-6, Princess Bride,

Favorite TV Shows: NCIS, FlashForward, Warehouse 13, Big Bang Theory, Nova, Frontline

Favorite Video Games: Afraid of addiction, I read instead. I know I'd end up having my thumbs surgically reconstructed. I had fun with Lego Star Wars in "mustache mode" -- couldn't find Tom Selleck, though. Give me Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, William Gibson, Michael Connelly, Melissa Scott, or Greg Bear.

Stuff you Dislike: Hurtful, self-centered people. Insecure bosses. Abuse of children and animals. Sheep (not the lovely kind that give us sweaters but the people who blindly follow the greedy jerks that scream the loudest and make little or no sense).

I came here looking for some help but if I can provide anything useful, I'll jump right in. Nice ta meet y'all! Thanks for the lovely welcome note Davey/happygeek! I'm looking forward to being a part of the community!

Welcome Auntie Lori, nice to meet you,

You seem like a colorful person, glad to know you.

Thanks for the welcome, finito! So far I've been really impressed with the people here. I looked at your intro and you've got a lot going on, too! Entrepreneur! The family business wouldn't just happen to be building customized computers, would it?

not really I sell Tires and Parts.

:) I've bought a lot of both!